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Gentle Care for Down There

Wintertime TLC for hoohoo

Happy New Year! Just when you thought we’d fallen off the blogoshere we’re here to share a few healthy hoohoo tips for this winter.

As the temperatures drop and we start putting on extra layers, it’s a great time to check-in with your most precious parts and make sure they too are getting ready for a healthy, happy winter.

Gentle Care for Down There, Toxin-free Living

Another Potentially Dangerous Female Product: Skin Lightening Cream for Your Vagina

For me, often times a new product is introduced to help women fix something about ourselves that I had no idea needed fixing. For example, I have dark circles under my eyes that have been there since I was a preteen, but I remember as a teenager I didn’t even think about my dark circles until I started seeing ads for products that “fix” the dark circles.

Gentle Care for Down There

Happy V-Day!

Aw yes, February. The month that is inspired by love and all things heart-shaped. Lets make a vow this February to not only share our love with others, but also to love ourselves in a way that only we ladies know how……by catering to the health of our most precious parts!