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Nourish Soul

5 Creative Ways to Reconnect With Family and Friends During the Holidays

There are few things in this world that have the power to stir some pretty powerful, deeply held emotions within us. Family and friends are on the top of that short list. And while all families are not as traditional as The Brady Bunch and all friendships are not as crazy as Thelma and Louise, these are the relationships that form the core of our true being. It is with these particular people that have been carefully placed in our lives that we have shared our most secret thoughts, our darkest secrets, our funniest moments and our bitter sadness. Thank goodness for the holidays; a time to celebrate these relationships regardless of the time or distance that has separated us during the rest of the year.

no-stress during holidays
Nourish Soul

Soul Soothers For The Holiday Season

Ah, the holidays…the time of year when stress levels are at their peak. Between shopping for just the right gifts, hanging decorations, planning family meals, and making sure there is enough room for Uncle Bob and Aunt Ruthie in the guest room it’s enough to make someone lose their mind. One of the reasons we tend to feel so stressed out is because we are so focused on our to-do lists that we forget to set aside time for ourselves.