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Something smells pH-ishy
Gentle Care for Down There

Something Smells pH-ishy

For optimal vaginal health we like to say, “The vagina is a self-cleaning oven” and to leave it alone, washing only the vulva (the outside bits) and back end. However as we all know if you want to wash with more than water, it’s pretty hard to keep cleansers out of the vagina.

Are you wearing healthy underpants?
Gentle Care for Down There

Are you wearing healthy Underpants?

When choosing Whether you buy your underwear in bulk or don the holy grail of panties (i.e., the trifecta of undies: sexy, comfortable, machine washable), we want to be sure you take into account what is truly the mother of all “must haves” before you seal the deal on what hugs your most personal parts: the right material.he right underwear, materials matter, see how to steer clear of dyes and chemicals and learn what fabrics are best for your sensitive intimate area.

Gentle Care for Down There

healthy hoohoo is back. Whoo-hoo!

Happy 2014 hoohoo friends! As the New Year has begun, we at healthy hoohoo have resolved to make this blog better than ever.

We are back from our blog hiatus and cannot wait to continue our mission of sharing fun and educational information to help you stay well and feel your best.

Gentle Care for Down There

Wintertime TLC for hoohoo

Happy New Year! Just when you thought we’d fallen off the blogoshere we’re here to share a few healthy hoohoo tips for this winter.

As the temperatures drop and we start putting on extra layers, it’s a great time to check-in with your most precious parts and make sure they too are getting ready for a healthy, happy winter.

Nourish Body

Hydration: Keep It Up!

Are you properly hydrated? As we are made of 60% water, we need water for all processes in our body, including sweating, breathing, and detoxifying, not to mention keeping our energy up. Most people need anywhere from 8-10 8 ounce glasses of this wonderful beverage a day.