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The Hoo Hoo wipes are superior to any I've tried. From a value standpoint, they are substantial and not flimsy. From a health standpoint, I want to avoid putting harmful chemicals on anywhere on my skin. So with Hoo Hoo wipes on board, I can travel near or far with the confidence that I have safe and convenient freshness with me. And that deserves a big Woo Hoo from this Florida girl!

Pamela Settle
Editor, GoodLiving Magazine

I love healthy hoohoo! The easy to use foam dispenser is great in the shower or to toss in my gym bag to freshen up after my workouts. I also have used it to clean scrapes and cuts on the kids - no stinging or sticky mess. I am thrilled to find an all natural no foo foo product!


Finally! A truly gentle, non-drying, non-irritating cleanser. Woo-hoo for healthy hoo-hoo!


I do feel more balanced. It's hard to explain what I felt before but often I would feel like things just weren't quite right. You shouldn't be aware of your hoo-hoo...not in that discomforting way anyway.


Healthy Hoohoo is one of those products you want to run out and tell all your friends about! I love the fact that it's all natural and gentle, yet it leaves me feeling fresh and clean.


Using all natural & gentle products is really important to me. healthy hoohoo is something I take with me wherever I go, as I feel good about the fact that I'm taking the very best care of the parts "down there"!


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