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Are baby wipes healthy to use "down there"?

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Ah yes, the age old question we get hit with about a hundred times every day. “Are baby wipes okay to use around your vagina?” Some argue that if baby wipes are safe and gentle enough to be used on a baby’s diapered parts then surely they are safe enough for women to use as well, right? Yes and no. Health expert Sandy Knauf says, “If it helps you feel more clean and fresh, that is certainly okay!” but she also goes on to point out that, with the evolution of feminine care, we now have our own product; feminine hygiene...

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Bathing thy bits: The safe way to wash your hoohoo

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Alright ladies, time to talk bathing thy bits. And how to properly wash your hoohoo is the hot topic of the day. First, let’s break down the bits to two parts: the vulva and the vagina. And it’s fairly simple, just know the vulva is everything outside, the vagina is inside. Secondly, the vagina doesn’t require much of our time for this post because, really, it doesn’t need you. It cleans itself. That’s all you have to remember. Don’t wash inside. Never, ever. To quote the Barefoot Contessa, “How easy is that?” Now, on to the vulva, which does need you....

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What sugar is really doing to your body

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Studies show that Americans consume roughly 152 pounds of sugar per year. You can find sugar in everything from breakfast cereal to spaghetti sauce. It seems this bugger is sneaking into everything we eat these days. So what are the long-term effects of sugar consumption? What is sugar really doing to our bodies? Let’s take a look. Increased Frequency and Duration of  Yeast Infections  Yes, the dreaded yeast infection. You probably didn’t know that your sugar intake comes into play every time this hideous monster comes to call. Here’s how it works. After ovulation, your body increases its progesterone production which...

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