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The Goods

For When You Want To Wash With More Than Just Water 

The path to finding the best feminine wash for your needs is an undeniably personal one. With healthy hoohoo, it’s also simple—we offer only all-natural feminine cleansers that are gentle, pH balanced, paraben-free, and glycerin-free. And because a healthy vagina smells exactly like it should—not like grapefruits, lilac, or bubblegum—all of our products are also entirely fragrance-free.

Which Product Is For Me?

healthy hoohoo feminine foaming cleanser, gentle feminine wash, and natural feminine wipes are equally effective options for your at -home or on-the-road shower routine. Our light foam rinses away quick and easy, our silky liquid wash syncs perfectly with a washcloth, and our handy travel pack of wipes is perfect for cleansing on the go—no waiting and no water required.

    Have your pick… All of healthy hoohoo’s brilliantly natural feminine cleansing products gently remove odor-causing bacteria, leaving you to your natural, glorious, pheremonal self. Never tested on animals, joyfully tested and approved by women. Make every day V-Day—love your body with natural, effective feminine cleansing goodness from healthy hoohoo.