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Become a healthy hoohoo® inflooencer

At healthy hoohoo®, we believe in using our superhuman powers and social influence for good (didn’t know you had superhuman powers?! Sounds like you should read this blog post).

We are honored to work with gal pals who share our goal of destigmatizing sexual and reproductive health. We believe laughter is the best medicine (because, it really is), and knowledge is power. Join us in spreading the word of women’s health, self-love and healthy hoohoo® by becoming a healthy hoohoo® inflooencer.

Spread hoohoo luv

Do you believe in our mission? Do you luv healthy hoohoo® products? Want to get paid? Consider partnering with us. 

Benefits of joining

healthy hoohoo® inflooencers are committed to sharing our brand and products, in exchange for affiliate revenues and audience sharing. healthy hoohoo® inflooencers earn commissions on all healthy hoohoo® sales you generate, a welcome box of products, gifts throughout the year, access to special healthy hoohoo® offers and exclusive discounts to pass along to your community.

How to join

All of this make you wanna jump for joy and yell "woohoo for hoohoo"?! You're our kind of gal pal. Send Ariana an email at and include your Facebook link, Instagram link, and your website link (if you have one!). Don't forget to include a sentence or two on why you want to become a healthy hoohoo® inflooencer. We look forward to getting to know you!