established in 2011

gentle care for down there®

Rewriting feminine cleansing with gentle, non-toxic formulas created to nurture and balance your exquisite ecosystem.

ph balanced feminine cleansing products healthy hoohoo

pH Balanced

Keep the bad bacteria away and let your vagina choreograph it's own self-cleaning magic.

cruelty free feminine wash wipes healthy hoohoo

Cruelty Free

Never tested on animals, only on our gal pals. Because that's who it's for, right?

paraben free feminine wash healthy hoohoo

Paraben Free

Parabens are synthetic preservatives and belong nowhere near your hoohoo because... your vagina doesn’t have a shelf life.

fragrance free feminine hygiene products healthy hoohoo

Fragrance Free

Step away from the fragrances and your hormones don't get hurt. Love the way you are!

glycerin free feminine wash healthy hoohoo

Glycerin Free

Cleanses your most precious parts, without feeding the yeast, for a healthier vaginal environment.


let's talk hoohoo

When you know better, you do better... and you support your vulvovaginal wellness journey.


Healthy hoohoo products are awesome.  The gentle foaming cleanser is light, gentle, rinses clean and the pump dispenser is so convenient.  I love, love, love the wipes - portable, convenient cleanliness!  So easy to toss a pack in your purse or carry on bag and know that you have a non-harmful way to keep feeling fresh in all circumstances.

Kathleen Lenihan

I'm an athlete who travels a lot for competition. Having healthy hoohoo's natural feminine wipes in my race-day bag is the best! Easy to pack, gently cleansing, and always refreshing, these eco-friendly wipes make the transition from sweaty race garb to dry clothing a much smoother (and healthier!) one.

Laura Winberry

I love healthy hoohoo! The easy to use foam dispenser is great in my home shower or toss it in my gym bag to freshen up in the shower after a sweaty workout. I also have used it to clean scrapes and cuts on the kids – no stinging or sticky mess. I am thrilled to find a natural, no foo foo product!

Betsy Brown