Why Care

healthy hoohoo® all natural feminine wash

Why choose healthy hoohoo®?

Of all the soaps, shampoos, body washes, conditioners and moisturizers in your shower, which one do you use on your vulva? We’re guessing you probably don’t use body wash on your face. Imagine the feeling of your facial skin if you did. So why disrupt the delicate balance of your vulvovaginal ecosystem by exposing her to body cleansers and soaps that often contain harsh chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfates, fragrance and parabens?

healthy hoohoo®'s natural feminine hygiene products gently cleanse our most precious parts, naturally promoting a healthier vaginal environment. By avoiding harsh cleansers, you can help prevent those unpleasant side effects of odor, itching and discharge.


Do's and Dont's of Washing your Vulvovaginal Area

Sometimes when we’re out of balance “down there” our knee-jerk reaction is to over cleanse. This, however, is not recommended as it further erodes what Mother Nature put down there (lactobacilli) to keep things in harmony.

healthy hoohoo® is formulated to walk this fine line. It leaves you feeling clean while its targeted pH level preserves your protective vaginal flora while a touch of aloe moisturizes. So we recommend following these guidelines below.



Wash: Vulva the outside bits

Don’t Wash: Vagina the inside bits

how to wash your vagina healthy hoohoo feminine wash



Care Do’s

Wear 100% cotton underwear

Wash with water or mild pH cleanser

Sleep bare to get airflow

Change out of sweaty yoga pants

Wash from front to back

Pee after having sex

Eat yogurt / take probiotics

Care Dont’s

Bubble baths


Talc/baby powder

Limit use of thongs

Over washing

Antibacterial or deodorant soaps

Scented hygiene products


Let’s talk about odor

We’re not going to beat around the bush. A woman’s body can get hot, bothered and sweaty, but that’s just part of being a living, breathing, beautiful human being. You know how you’re supposed to smell when you’re clean—more like a woman and less like a meadow. Any feminine hygiene product that tries to make you smell like jasmine, honeydew or moonbeams isn’t doing you any favors:

First, think about all of the chemicals your body is exposed to while you’re simply trying to clean yourself. Added fragrance is just one more you really don’t need.

Second, sadly, we're lead to believe the vagina is smelly and dirty but your vagina has it's own unique scent that can change on account of many factors. Go with the flow but know when something is out of whack and when to see your doc.

Third, you may be a passionate woman, but that doesn’t mean your hoohoo should smell like passion fruit or any fruit for that matter. Let your natural pheromones reel them in!


Let’s talk about suds

Where’s the thick lather? healthy hoohoo® products are created without harsh chemicals, in particular, sulfates. These are the chemicals added to make your shampoo bubbly and your face wash lather. While sulfates may play an important role with your brain (as in making you think the more lather the better), they do not belong “down there.”

You'll admire what's in it

Aloe and Green Tea extracts

Cucumber and Pomegranate extract

Super mild pH balanced cleanser


You'll appreciate what's not

Fragrance or masking agents

Sulfates, dyes or detergents

Parabens or harsh chemicals