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I founded healthy hoohoo natural feminine cleansing products to help restore the exquisite natural balance of the vulvovaginal area of the body, one shower (or wipe) at a time. The story begins in 2009, when a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her tissue biopsy revealed a heavy presence of parabens. Parabens are synthetic preservatives that don't belong in your body.

That same week, I had a spirited discussion with my neighbor, a nurse practitioner in an OBGYN practice, about a shocking number of her patients who suffered recurring infections and discomfort, largely due to over-cleansing and the use of highly alkaline soaps. Discomfort and that less-than-fresh feeling was a too-common concern among my girlfriends. While necessity may be the mother of invention, it seemed the situation called for a step back from the chemical-laden concoctions that lined feminine product aisles, and a move toward a more naturally derived solution.

My mission began with my own education, aided by a naturopath, a gynecologist, and all available intelligence regarding optimal feminine care. What I learned: mass-marketed intimate cleansers and body washes are laden with harsh detergents, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. Exposure to these chemicals throws beneficial flora out of balance, encourages the growth of unwanted bacteria, and leads to other recurring vaginal discomfort.

I embarked on an exhaustive, albeit fruitless search for a line of products that avoided the bad and delivered the goods. That’s when the light bulb went off in my head and the idea of healthy hoohoo was born—why not create natural, gentle, paraben free products with a fun, empowering vibe?

Now I knew what I wanted, and more importantly, what ingredients I didn’t want. I sought out one of the nation’s premier natural product formulation chemists, and together we set our sights on creating the highest quality natural feminine cleansing products possible. And here they are today: a feminine foaming cleanser, a gentle feminine wash, and natural feminine wipes—all paraben free, glycerin free, fragrance free, gluten free, vegan, pH balanced, and tested on enthusiastic gal pals, never animals.

Because vaginas were born awesome, restore your own exquisite balance with healthyhoohoo’s revolutionary, natural, and gentle  feminine cleansing products.

All The Best,

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