Sharks, Vaginas, Livers and Lubrication

Google “vagina facts” sometime. Interesting stuff pops up. Which is how this tidbit came up: apparently squalene is found in shark livers and the vajayjay. Interesting fact! Jokes about what hoo hoos and sharks have in common aside (que Hall and Oates She’s a Maneater…), what is squalene? And why would it be naturally occurring down there?

Squalene is also nicknamed shark liver oil, as massive quantities are found in the liver of sharks, especially those that live in the deep dark depths of the ocean. Squalene is found in many foods, and is also present in humans (we manufacture it in our livers as well). It is essential for proper body function. It is distributed throughout the body in large concentrations to our skin and tissues, by the bloodstream. It keeps our bodies lubricated and hydrated. Squalene occurs naturally in our skin, and helps to keep skin moist and elastic. It is secreted by the sebaceous glands and offers a protective barrier on the skin’s surface, acting as a barrier from moisture loss while also providing a shield against environmental toxins. Sounds like a pretty good antioxidant!

Squalene is also added to makeup and skin care. It is usually in the form of squalane, which is a more stable form of squalene. It is more stable because is less susceptible to oxidation. Because squalane and squalene are naturally occurring moisturizers produced by our bodies, when added to makeup squalane can rapidly penetrate the skin and is quickly absorbed. It is added to a wide variety of makeups and skincare products like lipgloss, balms, lotions and hair products.

And now shark livers produce squalene. Fats are lighter than water, and it is important for sharks to reduce their body density with fats and oils. But why does the vagina produce squalene? Squalene acts as a natural lubricant. It keeps your vagina elastic and ever so very moist. Squalene is part of the vaginal lubrication and can vary in consistency, texture, taste, color, and odor, depending on sexual arousal, phase of your menstrual cycle, infection, certain medications, genetic factors, and your diet.

Squalene is a goody! And a keeper. And the fact that your healthy hoo hoo includes squalene in its natural lubricant arguably makes your vajayjay pretty powerful. Superhuman? Killer? In a non-shark like manner? Woo Hoo for Hoo Hoo!

And now we can go back to singing versions of this Hall and Oates diddy or the not so classic Nelly Furtado Maneater.

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