It's Festival Season! Support Your Local Flora

It’s festival season! June through October, event calendars in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Colorado, the Midwest—EVERYWHERE—are promoting strawberry fields of music and al fresco fun, with all the attendant hiking, riding, and camping adventure you can cram into a road trip.

How do you get down and funky all summer, without getting funky down there? On the road especially, you want to promote the good bacteria Nature gave you, and eliminate the unpleasant side effects of hours of driving, days of tent camping, and long afternoons in damp bathing suit bottoms. Travel is good for the body and soul, but where our vulvovaginal bacterial flora is concerned, sitting for long stretches, a change in your regular diet, or just dancing and sweating through three days of Lollapalooza can tilt the balance of the good stuff, and encourage vaginal discomfort.

Prepare to Prevent

The best way to avoid the itch is to be prepared. Whether you are glamming it up old school, or pitching a tent, you don’t want to rely upon fancy, free hotel soaps, or suspect gas station offerings to cleanse your feminine parts. When you want more than water, eschew the scented so-called beauty bar for a paraben-free, fragrance-free feminine foaming cleanser or gentle feminine wash. No water? Carry a pouch of healthy hoohoo's 20 individually wrapped feminine wipes, and restore the balance of your personal ecosystem anytime, anywhere. Having the goods requires a little planning, though. The individually wrapped feminine wipes are only available on healthy hoohoo's website.

Fun First

From psychedelic funk to bluegrass, all music sounds better outdoors. Check out Music Festival Wizard to find out where you can get your groupie on from June through October. And for a smattering of events you can squeeze in between conferences or on that trip back home to see relatives, take a look at:

This festival season, travel like you’re curious, dance barefoot around a fire, swim in a river, hike in the dirt, and sleep in plain sight under the cosmos. Your body and your spirit are self-renewing, given the right environment. And as a self-respecting festival vagabond, when you want to wash with more than water, be sure to have some love in your pack for gentle care for down there.

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