Postcoital Time = Potty Time (aka, pee after sex)

Postcoital Time = Potty Time (aka, pee after sex)

To be super direct, it is really simple here: your lady bits are really close to your
poop shoot. And your sexual partner has the same problem. While all this is well and good for the ease of waste management, it can add an issue of cross contamination during sexual activity. Due to their close proximity, it is possible for bacteria from the anus to travel into the vulva. Ladies also happen to have a short urethra in comparison to the penis (sorry ladies, size does matter sometimes), thus making it easier for bacteria to travel from the vulvovaginal area, up the urethra, and into the bladder. Once bacteria reaches the bladder, it can cause a urinary tract infection (UTI). 

Getting up after you get your sea legs back (and peeing post workout) can help flush that sneaky fecal bacteria out of your urethra and prevent that nasty UTI. It’s important to point out, this isn’t a foolproof plan to prevent sex-related UTIs, but it’s an easy one to execute.

Thus, the constant reminder of laying in that postcoital bliss and cuddling is actually a BAD idea. Go pee first. The sooner the better (ideally within no more than 30 minutes). Then get back in bed and cuddle.

What if you can’t pee after sex?


  1. Chug some water to get your bladder back in gear. The more you drink, the more your bladder stretches. The more your bladder stretches, the more likely you’ll feel the urge to pee.
  2. Sit on the toilet a little while longer. This may help your bladder relax and release. Enjoy the extra time to yourself.

What if you don’t have penetrative sex?

According to Healthline, you’re in the clear. You or your partner can touch anywhere on the vulva without worrying about increasing your risk of a UTI. However, Healthline says there is an exception, “if your partner performs oral sex or cunnilingus, which focuses on oral contact with the clitoris (which is very close to the urethral opening), bacteria can be pushed from the mouth and tongue into the urethra.”

What if you didn’t pee after sex?

It’s okay. However, focus on making a habit of it moving forward. It’s an easy way to help reduce the chance of getting a UTI.

What about peeing before sex?

This is also a great idea, because it decompresses the bladder for comfort and
pleasure. OB-GYN Dr. Hilda Hutcherson says "when some women get close to
orgasm, they feel like they need to pee, which means that it changes their focus to their bladder. It gets in the way of them reaching orgasm."

And no one wants that. So, pee before sex for maximizing pleasure, and pee after sex for minimizing risk of UTIs.

Can I use healthy hoohoo® wipes after sex?


Absolutely! Please do. However, you still need to get up, pee, and flush out that
bacteria. But, using healthy hoohoo® wipes after sex is a great way to clean yourself up and balance back your pH. Sperm can throw off your pH balance easily, so a quick swipe of the wipe (front to back) is always a good idea too.

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  • Mick on Apr 25, 2022

    So can i also use these before sex and it doesnt leave its own taste in my partners mouth? before buying id like to know. that would be embarassing!

  • Mick on Apr 25, 2022

    So can i also use these before sex and it doesnt leave its own taste in my partners mouth? before buying id like to know. that would be embarassing!

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