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Something smells pH-ishy

We hear it on TV commercials, we see it in ads and we read it on labels: “pH balanced”, but what exactly does that mean? pH, or potential for hydrogen, is a measurement scale of acidity and alkalinity. Readings from 0–7 are considered acidic, pH from 7.0–14 is considered basic, or alkaline with 7.0 considered neutral. Now what does that have to do with feminine health you ask? It’s important for every woman to not only understand the pH scale and how it affects their whole entire body but specially the fact that your vagina is considered an acidic environment....

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Are you wearing healthy underpants?

healthy hoohoo hygiene vagina health

Whether you buy your underwear in bulk or don the holy grail of panties (i.e., the trifecta of undies: sexy, comfortable, machine washable), we want to be sure you take into account what is truly the mother of all “must haves” before you seal the deal on what hugs your most personal parts: the right material. First, we should probably explain why we are so passionate about a topic that, we admit, sounds a little snooze worthy. Well, think of underwear’s job: It cradles, it protects—and not just anything, but our most intimate, delicate parts. And with an important job...

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How the food you eat can impact your feminine health

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We know that eating fatty foods can have a detrimental effect on cardiovascular health. We know that drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can have a detrimental effect on the liver. But did you know that the food you eat can also affect your vaginal health? We’ve discovered that there are actually components in certain foods that can change the scent and taste of your vagina. Incredible, right? A study done at Oregon State University stated that foods with strong scents or flavors can change the smell of your vagina. Garlic, onions, asparagus, coffee and strong spices are the key players,...

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10 delightful things you should know about your vagina

down there healthy hoohoo vagina health

Vaginas. Every woman has one, but how many of us know how truly amazing and versatile this particular part of the female anatomy is? Our vaginas can be our best friends and our worst enemies. From experiencing the satisfaction of the perfect orgasm, to dealing with yeast infections, and even becoming a little apartment for a growing fetus, our vaginas are magnificent creations, wouldn’t you agree? Here we give you 10 delightful things every woman should know about her amazing vagina. Your vaginal muscles would give the Hulk a run for his money. I mean come on, your vagina is strong...

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Love your hoohoo: Keeping your vagina happy + healthy

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When we were little girls we all dreaded “the talk”. Whether it came from our mom, Aunt Suzie, or the school nurse, none of us wanted to hear about all of that icky girl stuff. Fast forward a few years and we realize that those pointers Aunt Suzie shared are now way outdated. So how’s a girl supposed to know what’s best for her “down there”? That’s where we come in. We’re about to drop some knowledge on the 10 best ways to keep your vagina healthy and happy, so sit back and relax…we got ya covered! Tip 1: Don’t...

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