10 delightful things you should know about your vagina

Vaginas. Every woman has one, but how many of us know how truly amazing and versatile this particular part of the female anatomy is? Our vaginas can be our best friends and our worst enemies. From experiencing the satisfaction of the perfect orgasm, to dealing with yeast infections, and even becoming a little apartment for a growing fetus, our vaginas are magnificent creations, wouldn’t you agree?

Here we give you 10 delightful things every woman should know about her amazing vagina.

Your vaginal muscles would give the Hulk a run for his money. I mean come on, your vagina is strong enough to push a baby out through a 10 cm wide opening. Need we say more? Want to keep those muscles strong? Try adding kegels to your daily workout. They can also help intensify orgasms…and who wouldn’t love that, right?

What you eat may affect your “down there” scent. Research suggests that ovulation can cause your vaginal scent to vary, even when you eat strongly scented foods such as onions or garlic. Who knew?

Your clitoris is the Grand Central Station of the nervous system. There are actually more nerve endings in the clitoris than anywhere else on your body! Explains a few things, doesn’t it?

Your vagina allows space for even the most anatomically gifted guy! That’s right. Your vagina expands like an accordion during sex, increasing in length and width upon arousal. Not a bad deal if you ask us!

Every body is different. Ever wonder why some of your friends have no problem having orgasms while others feel it’s early impossible? That’s because every woman’s body is different. Some women’s clitorises are farther away from the vagina, making it a little more difficult to reach orgasm. But don’t worry, simply trying a new position can easily even the score.

Your vagina speaks to you. Ok, maybe not in actual words but it can tell you when you are ovulating. This is an awesome advantage when you are trying to get pregnant…or not. If you are not on oral birth control, your vagina will excrete a thick, clear, mucus during ovulation. Watch closely, your vagina is sending you signals.

The pleasure possibilities are endless. Because you have so many nerve endings in your vagina, it allows for at least four types of orgasms (vaginal, clitoral, blended, and multiple). Um, yes please! Yet another advantage of being a woman.

Your vagina expands enough to deliver a little human being. Think about it. The average size baby is roughly seven pounds. Your vagina has the ability to expand enough to safely deliver a baby and then go back to its original size. Unbelievable!

A “normal vagina” simply does not exist.  All vaginas are not created equal. Each vagina, as with each woman, is created with their own unique differences. Celebrate those differences!

There is no need to “spring clean” your vagina.  Your vagina is a self-cleaning machine. You can actually throw off the pH in your vagina by introducing harsh cleansing chemicals, which can then lead to a whole host of problems including yeast infections.

The vagina is truly one of the most impressive parts of a woman’s body and definitely is enough to make any man jealous (did you read that…four types of orgasms!). Now you know a few interesting facts about your hoohoo that you can share with friends at your next dinner party. We’d love to hear what you think about this post. Which fact was your favorite? Leave us a comment below and let’s talk!

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