Are baby wipes healthy to use "down there"?

Are baby wipes healthy to use "down there"?

Ah yes, the age old question we get hit with about a hundred times every day.

“Are baby wipes okay to use around your vagina?”

Some argue that if baby wipes are safe and gentle enough to be used on a baby’s diapered parts then surely they are safe enough for women to use as well, right? Yes and no.

Health expert Sandy Knauf says, “If it helps you feel more clean and fresh, that is certainly okay!” but she also goes on to point out that, with the evolution of feminine care, we now have our own product; feminine hygiene wipes. We actually happen to know a great company that sells this amazing product…wink, wink. I mean, why use products made for babies when there are products on the market that are specially formulated for a woman’s body? We use pads or tampons during our periods, not diapers, so why should we settle for baby wipes when we have feminine hygiene wipes?

Knauf also adds a list of suggestions for women if they do indeed choose to use baby wipes. First, choose unscented wipes. Scented feminine products can cause irritation. Holly Phillips, M.D., a women’s health specialist in New York City, also agrees saying, “Play it safe by going for an unscented, unmedicated, chemical-free brand of wipe.” Second, always follow the front-to-back wipe rule and only use the wipes on the outside of your body. Third, use them sparingly. Fourth, if you notice any burning or irritation, stop using them immediately.

Now here comes the “no” part to our “yes and no” answer. The University of Iowa’s vulvar skin care guidelines suggests that it is best to refrain from using any type of “feminine hygiene sprays, perfumes, adult, or baby wipes.” They also suggest that women use only white, unscented toilet paper and stay away from those containing aloe. An article on The Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health’s website also agrees with these suggestions.

So there you have it. Looks like the verdict is still out on this one, as there are just as many sources saying wipes are just fine to use as there are saying to stay away from them all together. A few things our sources do agree on is to make sure you only use wipes on the outside of your body and to make sure you choose an unscented brand to reduce the risk of irritation.

We want to know what you think. Do you use baby wipes down there, or do you choose to use feminine hygiene wipes? Let us know your preferences in the comments below.

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  • Memyself&i on Feb 22, 2024

    As stated in the article to those that seem slightly confused here. No fragrance ladies ZERO scent of ANY KIND! THIS INCL THOSE WITH ALOE IN THEM! If it burns it causes irritation or what seems like it caused it as it happened after using one then u need to STOP USING THEM period as everyones body is different and has different sensitivity. Again those NEVER EVER USE SCENTED OR NON FRAGRANCE FREE PERIOD FOR ANY REASON LADIES! :) I get it and as much as id love to think perfume also works in that area, it simply goes not go well down there. But it can actually cause frequent yeast infections and urinary tract infections & the gal with discharge my dear QUIT USING A WIPE PERIOD IF you suspect a wipe as the cause. You will know in time when ur infection free but schedule a Dr appt regardless to make sure to rule out any problem that may be happening outside of the wipe situation just let your Dr know of ur concern and what you think it came from k. Follow directions which is highly important but this info was the best online I’ve found that seems to be online with the medical community on the info when or when not to use wipes and which kind are safe. For me personally I just don’t mess with a possible prob and that is the baby wipes which I just wouldn’t chance it beings it truly isn’t something recommended by docs that I can tell but I believe it would be fine if ur body says it is. Always always always ask a medical doc or professional specializing in women’s health. Many if not most of these comments and questions don’t belong here but for your doc or nurse that knows about your body personally and medically incl your body and its medical history k. Just worried me a few of you commenting felt it was important to reiterate this. And thanks to whoever wrote this up it was very helpful and great info that seems to be very much medically approved but ad with anything can’t substitute as medical advice ifr any woman so pls make a note ladies. While it’s easier online, in this case when probs arize u really cannot substitute ur medical doctors and nurses for things this important about ur bodies and becuz we are all so diff ya never can tell for sure without a doctor’s advice who knows ur history etc ok. Take care best of luck! And pls stay far away from douching scents fragrances etc in anything that goes down there and breathable cotton IS KEY FOR CLOTHING!!!! WATCH UR LAUNDRY SOAPS AND FRAGRANCE FABRIC SOFTENERS IF YOU USE THEN PLS BE INFORMED About WHAT TO HSE NOT ALL ARE OK BUT IT Could BE UR LAUNDRY SOAP EVEN Body WASH ETC TAKE CARE Gorgeous LADIES!!❤️❤️

  • Veronica on Feb 22, 2024

    I use baby wipes, I think that it’s better than using a towel when trying clean down there.

  • Dazen on Mar 01, 2023

    This article really helps me. Since not everyone knows if its good or not to use then down there.

  • Judy on Mar 01, 2023

    I use wipes every day and now I have a thin yellow discharge. Couythis be from the wipes?

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