If Your Vagina Could Talk....She'd Ask These 5 Questions

If Your Vagina Could Talk....She'd Ask These 5 Questions

Here at healthy hoohoo we are committed advocates of preventive gynecological health, shining a light on the myriad of culprits that can lead to imbalances and vulvo-vaginal unwellness.  Somewhere along the line, clever marketers convinced women that washing with Lysol (really - check out link below), using talcum powder, douching, washing with synthetic cleansing bars and using fragranced hygiene products would make us more confident (and in the case of the Lysol ads, better wives)!  

Now overlay our modern-day lifestyle and you’ve got the perfect unhappy V-storm. Our stress-filled lives are stuffed with sugar, processed foods, and tight synthetic fabrics (thanks yoga pants). Combine this with harsh hygiene practices and we’ve set ourselves up for all sorts of uncomfortable annoyances. 

What’s a woman to do?  Well, the first thing is to take note of your daily routine and ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. What products do I wash/apply on a routine basis?                                                 
  2. What menstrual products do I use and am I using them safely?                                                 
  3. What underpants am I putting-on today?                                                    
  4. Am I drinking enough water and staying hydrated throughout the day?
  5. Do I consume too much sugar? (and sadly, wine falls into this category) 

In the next few months we’re going to do a deep dive into each of these topics, so stay tuned for more information than you ever wanted to know about optimal yoni wellness.  

Your vagina thanks you ahead of time  ;)


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