Down There Care Tips for Fall and Winter

Down There Care Tips for Fall and Winter

As the temperatures drop and we start putting on extra layers, it's a great time to check-in with your most precious parts, and make sure they are getting ready for a healthy, happy winter too.

Here are healthy hoohoo's five down there care tips for fall and winter:

  1. As you start layering on the leggings, jeans and long underwear, please remember that your vagina needs to breathe. The pelvic area needs air circulation to keep both sweat and bacterial growth in check. A great opportunity to get some airtime is when you sleep. Leave those underpants on the floor and let her breathe at night.
  2. In addition to airing her out, wear natural fabric as much as possible. Nylon and polyester underwear and pantyhose react differently to sweat and bacteria, often trapping moisture and odor. Here are some healthy hoohoo approved healthier alternatives: organic cotton underpants + wool underpants. For more hoohoo hints on healthy underpants, check out our blog post. 
  3. If you're wearing fewer dresses and skirts in favor of tight-fitting jeans and leggings, rethink the thong. These "no panty line" favorites are also really good at transferring bacteria from back to front. Enough said.
  4. Even though the temps are cold and a hot bath sounds delish, keep those baths free of harsh soaps and bubble bath additives. Bar soaps, body washes and bubble bath liquids can remove delicate vaginal flora. This protective mucosal membrane acts as a barrier, keeping bad bacteria at bay.
  5. As colds and flu proliferate in winter, be mindful of antibiotic use, which kill normal protective flora. If that cold turns into a visit to the pharmacy, when you're finished with your antibiotics, follow-up with eating extra helpings of unsweetened yogurt to help repopulate the good guys in your system.

What do you think about our down there care tips for fall and winter? Any other tips you want to add? Let's keep the conversation rolling. Comment below!

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