No Toilet Paper? Grab a Healthy Alternative

No Toilet Paper? Grab a Healthy Alternative

Have you gone to the grocery store lately? Shelves are completely wiped out of everyday essentials, and something as simple as toilet paper is hard to come by. The New York Times reports some stores are selling out of toilet paper within minutes of restocking.

If you can't find toilet paper, here are some healthy alternatives you can use:

  • healthy hoohoo wipes are portable and easy, keeping you fresh and clean with no toilet paper or water required. The wipes come in two different sizes (carton of 20 wipes or a bigger 30 pack of wipes *which happens to be on sale on Amazon*) and are naturally formulated to gently soothe and refresh even the most sensitive skin. Soaked with nourishing botanical extracts that restore balance, healthy hoohoo wipes are infused with aloe, green tea, and pomegranate extracts to moisturize and gently cleanse without stripping away protective barriers. Leaping Bunny certified and 100% biodegradable, so you can refresh with a clear conscience. Did we mention it's nontoxic? ;) 
  • Cloth rags--it's a good idea to wet them first. We see this practice for babies when parents make reusable diapers. If you're going to reuse, come up with a good cleaning practice to follow to keep everyone safe from any type of infection. You can also use cloth rags you're going to throw out and dispose of them after every use. One product we really love is GladRags 100% Cotton Hankies.
  • Spritz with warm water. This is what every woman who is postpartum should be doing--if they're not using healthy hoohoo products--to steer clear of any infections and keep your wound on a healthy path of healing. But, aside from postpartum care, this is what many do that don't have access to toilet paper. You can either put some warm water in a little spray bottle and spritz the area, or cup your hands and rinse off. 
  • Bidets and bidet toilet seat toppers are a great option to gently spray off with the help of a toilet seat attachment. Business Insider says bidets are cleaner than toilet paper and can lead to fewer instances of rashes and UTIs. Here are a few different options for you to check out: the Luxe Bidet Neo 120, the GoBidet Non-Electric Attachable Bidet System, and TUSHY's Warm Water Bidet.

All of these options are completely safe to use. It's important to remind everyone to wash their hands very regularly right now, but for the purposes of this article, especially after going to the restroom. Unlike toilet paper, healthy hoohoo wipes do not go down the toilet--and neither do cloth rags. 

What do you think of the toilet paper shortage? Comment below and let's talk!


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