Healthy carry-on essentials

Let’s face it…travel can be exhausting! And, nowadays, air travel is not only exhausting, but a bit unglamorous. Want to arrive at your destination feeling like a movie star? Here’s our list of “Healthy Carry-On Essentials” that will make you feel like you’re back in the Pan Am era.

Water Bottle: No need to drop a fortune on bottled water anymore – just bring your empty Hydroflask (our favorite) through security and fill it up at one of the bottle refilling stations (popping up at airports all across the country). And, during your flight, don’t be afraid to ask a flight attendant for a refill.

Hand Cream: Flying on an airplane is like spending a day in the desert – very dehydrating! Keep your mitts soft with this healthy hand cream: dermaE

Travel Ease: Just a little glide of the roller ball across your wrists will keep you calm and happy no matter how bad the turbulence: Tisserand Travel Aromatherapy

Scarf: Think of this as a grown-gals binky. Look stylish, stay warm and even use it around your head to knock out light for an in-flight nap: Pistil Okeefe Scarf

Lip Balm: If kissing anyone is in your future, don’t let the dry air deflate your lips. Apply this lip balm often and liberally: Alaffia Lip Balm

Gentle care for down there: healthy hoohoo soothing feminine wipes. Gently refresh with moisturizing botanicals and no harsh chemicals. Arrive at your destination fresh as daisy.

Travel Sonic Toothbrush: Your bright whites love your electronic toothbrush when you’re home, so why not pack a handy mini version: Portable Sonic Toothbrush

Immune Booster: “Too bad you picked up an airplane cold.” Oh no you didn’t! Fight flight germs with: Insure Immune Support

Breath Mints: Fresh breath plus tummy-taming ginger – sign us up: VerMints

Eye Mask: You won’t look like a dork (really!) with this awesome, no-eye pressure, super dark and comfy mask: Bucky 40 Winks

Face Wipes: If you’re on a long-haul flight, you’ll want to remove your make-up before moisturizing and nodding off: Urasa Major Face Wipes

Facial Moisturizer: Not to sound redundant, but air travel is dehydrating! So, to avoid looking like Homer Simpson’s “Granddad” when you disembark, slather on this amazing facial moisturizer: Nourish Organic Face Cream

Back Up Power Supply: Because you can’t live without your smartphone or tablet…and you’re always prepared: Innogie External Battery Backup

Travel Pillow: Dorky yes, but man does a little sleep (sans a sore neck) do a gal some good: Eagle Creek 2-in-1 Travel Pillow

Great Carry-on: Just had to add one of our favorite go-to travel bags. Fits all your essentials, plus a fresh pair of undies, can’t-live-without electronics, and a clutch purse. Once you reach your destination, it can do double duty as a briefcase or stylish day trip bag for your camera, sweater and travel purchases: High Road Portagio Tote

These are our favorites essentials – have any you’d like to share? We’re always open to any travel tips – especially healthy ones!

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